Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Overview


This site is designed for both current and potential suppliers interested in providing goods and services to Unisys. The pages within this site provide Unisys Global Procurement’s Purchase Order terms and conditions for providing those goods and services.



Supplier Invoice Submission Rules


​​​​Payment term start date – the terms payment clock is triggered on the receipt of a valid and accurate invoice

  • Invoices (where legally allowed) should be provided via email soft copy
  • Invoices can be received in these formats:  PDF (Pdf+text preferred or Pdf), TIFF, MS Word or MS Excel
  • One invoice per email please
  • Black and white invoices are preferred

Invoices must contain the following to avoid being returned for correction:

  • Legal company name of supplier
  • Purchase order number clearly displayed on the invoice – if not purchase order related, the Unisys contact name must be indicated on the invoice
  • Correct Unisys Bill To name (found on PO)
  • GST/VAT or Tax registration number
  • Ship to address
  • Bank or remit to details

​Failure to comply with the above requirements could result in payment delays and invoices returned for correction. Payment terms may reset upon receipt of a corrected invoice.

Please ensure that your department responsible for invoicing is informed of these requirements.​​​​​​